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Behind The Scenes.

Check out the behind the scenes creation of the various realistic mannequins, props & model projects the Sharp FX team have been involved in.
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Our Work.

The Sharp FX team have created countless realistic mannequins for a large museums check out samples of our work.
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realistic mannequins

Latest News.

Find out the latest news about what realistic mannequins, props, models, replicas and realistic animals we’ve been creating .
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About Sharp FX

Sharp FX Pty Ltd is a makeup and creature effects company that specialises in the creation of hyper realistic mannequins for museum and private displays. Using techniques developed for the film industry Sharp FX crafts realistic film quality mannequins at an affordable price. All mannequins are custom made from life-casts of actual people and reproduced in fibreglass so every shape & angle is as natural as possible, as well as being extremely durable. Heads and hands are made using hard-wearing silicone. Fingers and wrists can be made adjustable when needed, hair styles and eyes are individually hand crafted to suit each character. Sharp FX can also sculpt heads to look like particular people or famous characters. Sharp FX is striving to create the most realistic looking mannequins in the world at an affordable price. Clients include the Australian War Memorial Canberra, RAAF museum Victoria and Westonia Museum West Australia. Sharp FX also makes props, models, sets and replicas for museums. With their extensive knowledge of materials and moulding processes Sharp FX can make just about anything.
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